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Fall Break in Maggie Valley!

    Fall is in the air and this time we blocked out an October weekend for ourselves. Wow! Our guests coming to stay with us during the next couple of weeks are going to have a great time! The leaves are turning, it's cool outside, the hot tub is nice and warm, and the fireplace is oh so cozy.

    Each trip up to Maggie Valley always turns up something new and here it is: Barber Orchard. We decided to go to the Barber Orchard and Fruitstand just outside of Waynesville on Hwy 441 - about a 15 minute drive from The Mountain Landing. If you prefer, you can drive the Blue Ridge Parkway over and it puts you out about a mile above it (now that's a nice drive). Tons of orchard apples and there was a line at the front to get in and buy some of their homemade apple delights - apple pies, cakes, turnovers, fritters, cider, and cider slushies. We bought some turnovers, fritters, and a pie (couldn't contain ourselves). They are to die for! You have to go! It has to be one of the best kept secrets around!

    We also took some of the apples we bought and made homemade caramel apples - and I'm not talking about caramel wraps in a box or melting caramels. We cooked brown sugar, butter, and condensed milk until it made the real deal and then we hand dipped the apples into the caramel. Wow - talk about delicious!

    We set up our traditional fall scene in front of the house, including scarecrow, hay, corn stalks, and a pumpkin. Kona as usual had a blast running around and climbing up to the top of the mountain and back down. Don't forget hot boiled peanuts from The Grey Mare across the street! Goes great with beer while sitting on the upper deck overlooking the beautiful mountain scene. Finally, don't forget to cruise the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can go from our house to Cherokee, which is the official end of the parkway or to Waynesville and beyond. Both are excellent drives. Ah - so nice!

    Here are some photos of the trip. Don't forget to mouse over or click for a larger image.


Spring Break in Maggie Valley!

    This year’s spring break trip was filled with some new adventures that you must try out the next time you stay at The Mountain Landing! We first headed over to Cherokee to test our luck at Harrah’s Casino. Not being much of the gambler type, we must admit that we had quite a good time. There are plenty of slots to drop cash into not to mention computerized Black Jack, Roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em tables. Plus when you get done gambling, there are plenty of good places to eat in downtown Cherokee – check it out (

    Our next adventure took us to the Cataloochee Valley to see the Elk! It’s but 26 miles from The Mountain Landing; however, it takes a good 40 minutes to get there as the last 5 miles or so is a small, winding, dirt road going over the mountains and then back down into the valley. The valley is actually a national park, complete with not only Elk (duh), but plenty of hiking trails and old buildings built back in the 1800’s you can tour. We rode over early morning and saw several Elk. Elk are also active during the late afternoon, so a recommendation would be to head over around 1:00 (after lunch), do some hiking and site seeing, and then pick a spot to see some Elk. They had shed their antlers so we didn’t get to see them fully crowned. The antlers grow back by October just in time for the mating season.

    Finally, we found two falls to check out. The first was Soco Falls which is a mere 3 miles from The Mountain Landing! In fact, it’s right off Soco Hwy (19) and there are signs in both directions showing the location. You simply pull off the road, jump the guard rail, walk about 50 yards to an observation deck and there it is! It’s actually two streams that individually fall into a single stream. Very cool! The second fall was Mingo Falls in Cherokee ( You hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and take it into Cherokee (which by the way is the starting point of the Blue Ridge Parkway). Once in Cherokee you get over to Big Cove Road and take it to Mingo falls. The access is about 150 steps up to the fall and it’s a big one – 120’ – 200’ high. We went the day after it rained so the water flow was quite spectacular.

    A quick take on dining out options: The Sweet Onion is a new restaurant in Waynesville that is absolutely delicious! Joey’s Pancake House re-opened for the season while we were there and it’s always a good choice for breakfast.

    Did we mention spring cleaning? Take advantage as The Mountain Landing is squeaky clean from top to bottom, corner to corner.

    Here are some photos and a video of the trip. Don't forget to mouse over or click for a larger image.


Skiing Cataloochee over Valentine's Day!

    Snow was in the forecast and we took full advantage of the long snowy holiday! It's nice that the drive from Atlanta to The Mountain Landing in Maggie Valley, NC. is four lanes all the way - makes for good driving conditions as the roads are kept nice and clear and salted! And fun did we have! We skied a full day, taking a break for lunch at the new bar they put in the Ski Lodge. I zipped through the snow board park they built on the right of Beginner's Easy Way. Man, that was a blast! The next day we went sledding all around the house - we have some great hills and they were covered with plenty of powdery snow. Although there was some work to go along with our play - I did wrap all the water pipes under the house and installed two new smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

    Here are some photos during the weekend and some videos.Don't forget to mouse over or click for a larger image.


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